2017 Top Cities

Reel Film Year in Review

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Top Cities To See A Film

Location, location, location! See which cities were the top locations to see a film projected on film in 2017.

#10 - Portland, Oregon

Located near the cascade mountains, Portland is home to a prospering filmmaking community supported by numerous art houses across the city. This city reported a wide variety of films that were presented on film over the past year.

#9 - Dallas, Texas

Located in the lone star state, the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area was home to the highest number of locations which were reported to be film capable in the state of Texas in 2017.

#8 - Miami, Florida

Located in the sunshine state, Miami is the heart of a robust entertainment industry in the south east United States. The Miami Celluloid community is home to multiple film theatres that regularly show movies on film.

#7 - Rochester, New York

Once known as the "Kodak City", the Rochester community continues to preserve its long heritage in film photography and movie making. Rochester is home to the George Eastman Museum which is one of the world’s oldest film archives, that regularly screens film on film.

#6 - Chicago, Illinois

The windy city is home to many historic art house theatres. Recently the community has renovated its popular Navy Pier IMAX theatre and continues to retain its capability to continue to show films in the 70mm IMAX format.

#5 - London, England

The Historic city of London has a theatrical scene that goes back many centuries, the city is home to the world renowned British Film Institute (BFI) an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving filmmaking across the United Kingdom. The city is also home to a wide range of art house theatres and museums that retain the capability to present films on film, London was also the host city for the worldwide premier of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk.

#4 - San Francisco, California

The heart of Silicon Valley continues to push the limits of technology, while continuing to provide the diversity of artistic presentation options in its filmmaking community. The Tech Museum of Innovation is consistently home to various major Hollywood releases on 70mm IMAX, while various art houses in the city of San Francisco continue to show film on film.

#3 - Boston, Massachusetts

Home to many of the best colleges and universities in the world the historic city of Boston truly represented it's self in 2017 as a great location to see a film on film. The city is home to numerous locations that regularly show films on film, as well the Harvard film archive which houses a collection of over 25,000 films.

#2 - New York, New York

Runner Up - 2017's Top City to see a film on film

The big apple is home to the largest number of film capable theatres within driving distance according to Kodak Reel Film data. This is no surprise, for a city that is home to many of the largest TV and media companies in the world. Across the city numerous, museums, film archives, and theatres continue to present films on film.

#1 - Los Angeles, California

2017's Top City to see a film on film

The city that is home to the Oscars, Hollywood, and numerous movie studios was this year’s best place to see a Film on Film. Los Angeles regularly has 35mm & 70mm screenings of numerous hit titles throughout the year. The cities New Beverly Cinema took home this year’s top film venue title, and was a key player in ensuring that Los Angeles was home to a dynamic film community.

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